Each time I meet a family or newly engaged couple, I can’t help but think of what my own family portraits or dream wedding would be like. What would I look for in a photographer? Experience, personality, and creative ability are the characteristics that I would find most valuable.  

Having a degree in Fine Art, as well as a minor in creative photography, I not only have technical photography skills, but also the artistic ability to orchestrate, compose, and capture the most important day of your life.  My style of photographic artistry, not only records the events as they happen, photo journalistically, but also creates images using traditional photography that will showcase the heart of your family or the romance and elegance of your special day. This combination of techniques and the ability to execute both styles throughout your portrait session or wedding day, will provide you with a visually beautiful account of this special event. With my experience, I create beautiful images that emphasize what is important to you.

I professionally photographed my first wedding in 1991.  I can honestly say that in the all the years I have been photographing weddings I have seen everything!  I believe that because of that experience, I have learned the art of capturing this incredibly important day, successfully. I absolutely believe in the importance of providing you with the kind of personal attention that will give you the security and dependability that all brides should feel from their wedding photographer. Therefore, I am personally involved with you and your photography every step of the way leading up to and beyond your wedding day. 

My philosophy on wedding photography is based on a simple concept. The bride and groom are the center of attention. It is my responsibility as your photographer to capture you and your wedding day without interfering in your celebration. The joy you experience with family and friends, on this day, is what excellent wedding photography is based upon. You should not be pushed through a grueling photo session. As your photographer I believe that I should capture your moments as you are creating them. My goal is to not only provide you with breathtaking photographs, but also contribute to helping this day run smoothly.

I photographed my first family portrait and baby pictures, in November of 1992. The beautiful family met me at an oak grove in Murrieta and we stayed for three hours, enjoying the spontaneity of the two young boys who ran the show. Which is exactly the way it should be. The freedom the family felt to be themselves allowed me to capture that moment in time and the small age of the boys as well as their personalities.  That's why I love my work, so very much.